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Good Chemistry

How Image Media’s time-honored relationship with a global, privately held pharmaceutical company energizes a sales force and stimulates a healthier bottom line.

Best known for its blockbuster drugs and pioneering research, our client first sought the expertise of Image Media to produce its National Sales Meeting.  Today—nearly two decades later—the relationship flourishes. Together we’ve steered a strategic course in a highly competitive industry.

Insights and Action

While differentiating offerings in a crowded pharmaceutical market starts with outstanding products, its success lies largely in the hands of a well-educated and highly motivated sales force. Image Media continues to roll out strategic and convincing product launches while arming the sales team with customized selling skills and eyes-on-the-prize tactics.

Command the Brand Spotlight:  New Product Launch

Our client’s newest product has the potential to be yet another blockbuster drug. So we created a theme and meeting platform that showcased the medication’s promise while delivering solid motivation and hands-on, interactive training.  From general sessions, broadcast training, and competitive activities to compliance and rep certification, we brought our theme to life—and paved the way for unmatched sales.

On-Brand Experiences

Our historic relationship has resulted in a singular understanding of our client's culture.  We are increasingly involved with their creative initiatives:  from national meetings and new product launches to plan of action meetings, recognition events, employee recruiting, informational videos, and custom iPad apps.