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Don't Stop Believin'

How Image Media inspired the people who matter and restored lost belief in their own brands.

We first encountered this major consumer package goods company when it was wedged in a tight market crammed with edgy new craft beers, exotic imports, and a handful of beverage brand Goliaths. Knowing it needed help to move further and faster toward the lead, it turned to Image Media.

Insights and Action

After getting to know this company’s structure, culture, challenges, and goals, we dove in even deeper. We sought meaningful strategic insight not only into our client but into our client’s clients: the all important distributor community.

By guiding our client on a strategic journey to growing share by instilling a challenger mindset, we strengthened the company’s communication with employees, transformed its vital external sales channel into brand loyalists, and seamlessly realigned inside sales with outside sales.

Command the Brand Spotlight:  National Distributor Conferences

Knowing its annual National Distributor Conference is the company’s biggest and most important event, Image Media reshaped the conferences into fresh, dynamic celebrations. Today these conferences are one-of-a-kind tours de force of creative direction, execution, three-dimensional stage drama, and unforgettable brand individuality. We inspire every distributor to feel a personal investment in the challenger brand spirit and to believe—again and again—that theirs is the brand to beat.

On-Brand Experiences

Of course, monumental meetings and events are only a piece of the Image Media pie for this client. We’ve earned their loyalty by successfully producing the widest range of projects, from strategic planning to hands-on training…from interactive tablet apps…to internal corporate communications of every stripe.