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Turn Up the Volume

How Image Media helped a leading healthcare products sales force convert hospitals into high-volume consumers.

For its all important annual sales meeting our client needed to train its surgical supplies team on the new strategies for selling into the hospital environment. So we developed detailed messaging for each product line and created unity around the company’s brand and culture.

Insights and Action

Understanding that our client was a complex, matrixed organization, we employed an array of instructive and interactive approaches to deliver comprehensive product education and sales training. We capped off a productive week of sessions—visual, theatrical, and informative—with an inspiring awards ceremony celebrating the company’s top achievers.

Command the Brand Spotlight

Image Media addressed the challenges of navigating the new purchasing paths within a hospital setting (c-suite, physician support, etc.), arming reps with new sales tools. We designed an innovative workshop called Anatomy of a Conversion which focused on understanding exactly who influences and makes purchasing decisions. The exercise inspired constructive dialogue and explored each sales rep’s personal learning trigger.

On-Brand Experiences

Realizing our client would profit from conducting assessments of each rep's ability to deliver consistent presentations, we created criteria for certification practices. Our “Performance Analyzer” iPad app used real-time data to integrate many variables, such as hierarchy within the organization, product team profiles, and sales call lengths. The results: precise trend analyses that identified gaps in selling behavior and targeted coaching, training initiatives, and marketing investment.